Isabel Quintero Gonzalo Córdova

An actor and a musician collaborate on a project to create

Quintero-Córdova Music


La Osa Menor Album is a fusion of Colombian and Latin American rhythms featuring lyrics in Spanish from

a romantic 1950s poet.

Acoustic guitar accompanies the female vocals

provided by the poet's daughter, along with 

a touch of harp, accordionflute and percussion. 

Photo of
Oscar Quintero
circa 1960

Isabel Quintero and Gonzalo Cordova
Nuestro Adios - La Osa Menor / Quintero-Cordova
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Nocturno y Desesperacion - La Osa Menor / Quintero-Cordova
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Video for Ella La Inmortal  2020

Performing at Steppenwolf's Cabaret  Theater 2019 

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Isabel Quintero and Gonzalo Cordova back cover of CD La Osa Menor

Oscar Quintero, born in Cali, Colombia in 1930,

was a poet, actor, radio announcer and entrepreneur.  


The poems interpreted in La Osa Menor

by his youngest daughter Isabel Quintero with partner

Gonzalo Córdova, are a small part of his collection written during the years 1952-1956. 


Ten of these rediscovered poems appear on La Osa Menor,

along with Dime Pronto Mujer, a song the poet wrote and composed for his wife.


Isabel Quintero is a bilingual stage, film, television and voice actor. Gonzalo Córdova is a Latin American singer and guitarist. Both are currently based in Chicago.

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