The debut album from

Isabel Quintero & Gonzalo Córdova

   La Osa Menor 

A fusion of Colombian and Latin American rhythms

featuring lyrics in Spanish from 1950s poetry.

Acoustic guitar, female vocals, a touch of harp, accordionflute and percussion. 

Photo of
Oscar Quintero
circa 1960

Isabel Quintero and Gonzalo Cordova
Nuestro Adios - La Osa Menor / Quintero-Cordova
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Nocturno y Desesperacion - La Osa Menor / Quintero-Cordova
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Ella  La  Inmortal / She the Immortal  One

Performing at Steppenwolf's Cabaret Theater 

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Oscar Quintero, born in Cali, Colombia in 1930,

was a poet, actor, radio announcer and entrepreneur.  

The poems interpreted in La Osa Menor by his youngest daughter,

Isabel Quintero and her partner Gonzalo Córdova,

are a small part of his collection 

written during the years 1952-1956. 

Ten of these rediscovered poems, along with Dime Pronto Mujer,

a song he wrote and composed for his wife, appear on La Osa Menor.

Isabel Quintero is a bilingual stage, film, television and voice actor based in Chicago. Gonzalo Cordova is a Latin American singer and guitarist.