La Osa Menor

A fusion of Colombian and

Latin American rhythms,

featuring lyrics in Spanish

from 1950s poetry.

Acoustic guitar, female vocals,

a touch of harp, accordian, 

flute and percussion. 

Ella la Inmortal - La Osa Menor / Quintero-Cordova
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Nocturno y Desesperacion - La Osa Menor / Quintero-Cordova
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Nuestro Adios - La Osa Menor / Quintero-Cordova
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.About The Poet.

Oscar Quintero, poet, actor, radio announcer and  entrepreneur, was born in Cali, Colombia in 1930.

The poems interpreted in La Osa Menor 

are a small part of his collection written

during the years 1952-1956.

By the age of 27, it is believed he had written more than a thousand original poems and acrostics that he kept with him in a small suitcase.

One day, while driving a shipment for his father's mill, he was caught in a storm. The only way to the next town was to cross a river, now overflowing. Sadly, Mother Nature proved too strong. Though he was rescued, the van, its cargo and

his precious suitcase of poems were washed away.

Stunned by the loss, he never wrote again.

Years later, while looking through some old papers,

he found a manila envelope with roughly thirty of his original poems. Ten of these rediscovered poems, along with Dime Pronto Mujer, a song he wrote and composed for his wife, appear on La Osa Menor.