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Theater Reviews

​"Isabel riding on the edge of “I Love Lucy” behavior, but rises above sitcom fare with her expressive face and impeccable, even audacious, comic timing. She catches every moment of Sharon’s impulsive manner and then quixotic quickness." 


- Dominique Paul North, Urban Milwaukee

(The Roommate by Jen Silverman / Renaissance Theaterworks)


"As the lively Lilly, Isabel Quintero steals the show...

She’s a little heartbreaking, balancing a woman whose walls are self-focused but always with a degree of sympathy ..."


- Clint May, Chicago Theater Beat

(Living Large in a Mini Kind of Way by Diane Rodriguez / Teatro Luna)


"...Isabel Quintero, perfectly cast as Abuela Claudia,

the lovable neighborhood elder and surrogate grandmother...Her two big numbers, “Paciencia Y Fe” and “Hundreds of Stories” are both sung beautifully and with heartfelt sensitivity. Audiences will easily fall in love with this beautiful lady, whose heart is as big as her warm, cheerful smile."


- Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

(In The Heights by Lin Manuel Miranda / Porchlight Theatre) 

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